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1st June 2009

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#1 11 years ago

RE-SKINNING: Some time ago I added[COLOR=Blue] lukespeeder vehicle [/COLOR]to my base folder, and when I first tried loading [COLOR=Blue]SJC's Mos Kreetle[/COLOR] map, it was covered in thick red fog! Yes, thick red fog with 1ft visibility distance! I found out that lukespeeder vehicle I already had was causing this, and after its removal the map worked fine. Probably because there was already lukespeeder vehicle in that map. So, I noticed that one in the SJC's map had better textures (than the gay one with purple paintjob I already had), and extracted his lukespeeder from the pk3. It was only a static model so I thought just replacing the skin, the textures even have the same names! Replaced them, zipped them, renamed to pk3... and the vehicle couldn't be spawned ingame. I immediately remembered a bunch of [COLOR=Blue]skins (player models) that I've downloaded from jk.filefront and didn't worked.[/COLOR] The comments on them said they were a ripoff of another models just with different textures. So it looks like taking one model and placing anything else in its structure from another model doesn't work, even textures with same name. Can you tell me why does this happen? LUKE'S SPEEDER (exit trouble): As for the [COLOR=Blue]luke's speeder i mentioned,[/COLOR] am I the only one having trouble exiting this vehicle upon entering? I found out that only way to exit the vehicle is to JUMP while the vehicle is TILTED! So everytime I want to get out I have to look for a bump, sand dune, rock, or a cliff to tilt the vehicle and jump just before it gets to its balanced normal horizontal position!

Also, if you haven't downloaded SJC's Mos Kreetle I suggest you do, its amazing! It has Millennium Falcon and Ebon Hawk with full interior design, slave quarter and Jaba's "basement"!

RE-MODELING: I also downloaded this [COLOR=Blue]SLAVE 1[/COLOR] (because it was the only one that tilts into driving position whilst in air, and rotates back into landing position while near ground) and found that this vehicle needs a whole lot of space to spawn due to its invisible bounding box that's larger than the vehicle itself, like, 2X times. You can't even approach the vehicle, an invisible wall (vehicle's bounding box I guess) stops you like 20 ft in front the vehicle itself. Can anyone tell me is there a way to fix this, or at least some other slave1 model that works ok?

RE-NAMING: The [COLOR=Blue]KOTOR flight school map [/COLOR]has some vehicles I haven't seen anywhere else like Y-Wing etc. But some of these vehicles can't be used at the same time (stated by the author) cause they share the same names (bonus_reb_ship). So you can only choose to have a Y-Wing, but not an B-Wing too at the same time. How do you rename vehicles? Is it the *.veh file only? Because I tried renaming some stuff and nothing worked!

DRAW DSITANCE: Since I expressed some modeling "ambitions" in my earlier posts (more like a series of epic fails), the one thing that crossed my mind was a draw distance. Since I wanted to make a Tatooine map that is huge in scale since i wanted to make room for driving (the Falcon and Slave 1 from the Eisley spaceport, Lambda Shuttle from the desert and Luke's T-16 Skyhopper) I never thought of the CPU power requiring this? Does anyone has an experience with land-based flight areas, since there is land and buildings besides the skybox used in space-only maps.

P.S. Can anyone direct me to a flyable T-16 Skyhopper download site? The ones I found were only a static models, or a loose impersonations.

Thanks in advance Luka



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17th September 2008

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#2 11 years ago

For anything in the sense of skinning that's relatively easy. But anything such as draw distance I'd say play some example maps such as Tendron V1 and V2. Some SJC based maps as well as from the other few mappers. JA is an old game but the quake 3 engine it is built on is modified. Has it's positives and negatives.

All else fails say just mod crytek 2 engine and make JK4. :rolleyes: