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26th April 2010

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#1 7 years ago

Rather than resurrecting the necro-thread here, I just made another one, feel free to take a look at the progression.

Anyways, I'm gearing up for the next release, which will probably be the last as I'm spending most of my time on UDK and Unity.

To Start: Credits:

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Chris 'snogrim' Reed for the Blood Effects AshuraDX's Assassins Creed Weapons Pack CID for the Reborn Texture (now an independent model)


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-2 New Skins -4 New Locales -Total of 10 New Maps(Different Locale sizes, like duel maps of ctf maps) -Redone Menu -Throwing Knives, more swords (Thanks to AshuraDX) -5 New Bot Personas -A Stack of new NPCs -Botroutes as always


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jamp-20120813-104108.png jamp-20120511-223222.1.png jamp-20120813-103725.png jamp-20120813-103535.png jamp-20120813-104131.png Even more here

Fire away with the crit, I've got till the 20th to fix stuff. *hides under rock* :P I'd actually like if someone could give my maps a go, esp. the big ones, as I'm not sure on the fps because I've got a bf3 gaming pc...