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15th September 2005

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#1 15 years ago

you might think: "Renamon"? ends with a "mon"? from Digimon? Yes No!! Don't leave this thread yet!! try sayng it: "Renamon"! comme on just say it! See? there's something diferent about her, starts on the name, it sounds cool! what's the big deal? There I was at a community of artists (deviantart) looking at some peaces of work, then I saw a few images of Renamon and I realized, "she's cool"... there's quite a big number of anthro fans who like Renamon a lot, actually I became one of them, and this wouldn't leave my mind. she's too cool, she deserves more... them another voice started sayng in my mind, give it a try... Renamon isn't a short bold thing with sharp things supposed to be claws comming out of her paws, she's tall, mean, cool, and hot (or perhappes I'm a sick person...). so I started... (yep I know,shouldn't be starting a second model without even knowing how to finish the first...)

Edited - still missing tail... hand her tights should be probably bigger...