REQUEST: Elite Force for JA (weapon importing, that's all) -1 reply

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#1 16 years ago

Some of you MUST remember Elite Force back in its hayday. A superb game and one that still has over 100 players online at any one time (not bad considering its age).

Anyway if you go to you'll see new maps and mods are made for it still, most people hate EF2 multiplayer as it is so poor compared to EF.

I'm saying all this because the one thing EF MP is missing is an update to its graphics, the gameplay is great but the engine revision it is on is somewhat dated. A friend of mine had the idea to 'port' EF over to JA, of course there are legalities involved so what he started to do instead was mimic EF in JA, replacing weapons with the same effects as in EF and also bringing back the old physics system.

He's doing well with the code and I started modelling some new weapons, based on EF ones but high quality, the models and textures are totally new.

All this is superb, great, fine...except after hours of trying we both cannot get the weapons to appear in JA properly, we're both having no luck; if it shows up fine in 3rd person it borks out in 1st person and vice versa!

So after all this post what is it for? Simple, can someone help us get the new weapons into the game, it'll be like one every couple of days and for someone who knows how I'm sure it'd be easy as hell. I can put the weapon in any format you want, I've built them in 3D Studio Max 6 so if you have that I'll just give you the Max file. All the textures are set up, shaders too, just making them appear right in game is proving to be impossible for both of us.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this little thing :)

Failing that (and I am going to search after finishing this post) if anyone knows a neat little tutorial that works every time, I'll give it a go.