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#1 11 years ago

Im writing this request here for a friend of mine, so ye...read plox She asked me to request either a Aeris skin based on her FF: Crisis Core appearance, or a FF7 Aerith skin. If only one of them would be made (IF someone even would make one lol), she'd go for the FF7 Aerith one. Thanks again for reading this, now for "YAY ref pics"... Aeris: http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e12/nina542299/Anime%20And%20Manga/Final%20Fantasy/ff7-aerith.jpg?t=1247863579 Aerith: http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn285/thuthuy62/crisis-core-final-fantasy-vii-20080.jpg?t=1247863658


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#2 11 years ago



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#3 11 years ago

Nice, I got a question are you making it? or is there a link? and what about that one aerith if your making it, it would be nice to have them both


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#4 11 years ago

It's not mine, and I can't release it either since it contains parts that were ported from Kingdom Hearts 2 (Head and boots). However if you try hard you'll find it on google, like I did.


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#5 11 years ago

Really what did you type in?


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#6 11 years ago

:o what happened everythin just got deleted

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#7 11 years ago

r34D 73H pH0RuM RuL3z. por73d L3w7 r 84D.

Hmm, it occurs to me that many may not be able to speak l33t. D'oh.

Transl33tion: The item shown was composed partially/wholly of components illegally ripped from commercial software (even if the legality of porting between PC games is in question, porting form console games is unquestionably not-legal due to the fact it involves reverse engineering of proprietary software).

Since circa March 2004, JKFiles has had rules against hosting or providing info and/or links to ported content, and one of the first things that DataLord did upon stepping into the moderator role was extend that rule to the forums, which I'm now left to monitor because everyone else left me. :'(

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.

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#8 11 years ago

'kou3n 0wn@g3

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#9 11 years ago

wait...what was even ported tht was here? screenies plz. i wasnt here.