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15th November 2008

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#1 9 years ago

Hi all, I would really appreciate it if one of you guys would make a model for me of this guy: LUFFY2.png I have been trying to do it for about two weeks now, using all kinds of noob-guides, but apparently im a Super-noob of some kind when it comes to modelling. if you want to know this is the reference image I used, as it was the best I could find: LuffyRef.jpg I know that it is possible with that ref-img even though its not that good, because I have found a good model made with that ref-img: 07-19_comp8s.jpg so you see, of course that was done by one of Sony's employees, but hey if they can you guys can too. I would be really happy if you could make that kind of model for me, and Uvw map it, of course I could do it myself but it would be easier for you when your making the model. feel free to find another ref-img, but if it is not already too much to ask I would like him to have exactly that clothes, and the sandals are the most important. P.S sorry for such a long post, and if you decide to do this, then I'll include it in my "One Piece" mod and give you more than full credit!? P.S.S sorry for making it even longer just had to add, take your time, I dont care if it takes you a month, a day, or even a year, I'll just be overwhelmet with joy if i get it.:bows::bows::bows:


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19th May 2006

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#2 9 years ago

THAT was done by a sony employee?

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