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18th July 2006

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#21 11 years ago
oh and you do have the MP source code guys, its called the Q3a source, go download it, its practically the same as JAMP source.

Lol, not exactly.

Its similiar, but not the same at all.

The console, cvar, command and vm stuff is almost the same, save for some modifications. The memory management got modified. (hunk got removed, everything uses zone memory now as far as i can tell) Ghoul2 got added. ICARUS got added. The renderer has been modified quite a bit. Including support for pixel shaders, used for dynamic glow for example. Sadly this isn't used for normal shaders as well... that would've been sweet. Multi-language support got added. Not to mention the whole sabering system got added..

And there's plenty of other things i could list here, but the point is: The Q3 source is similar to JAMP, but not 'practically the same'. Though its a very good reference to get understanding of what happens 'under the hood'.


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2nd June 2008

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#22 11 years ago

Hey! I need to tell you guys something! There is an npc called cultist commando:eek:! and it duel wields e11s:eek:! I think it is cultist_commando..... that or it must be some shpit put in KotF. Either way. I hope this benifights.:nodding:


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#23 11 years ago

Actually he dual wields pistols.