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#1 15 years ago

Hey guys! How's it goin? Well I've looked around these forums for a long time and I finally decided to register.

Well I was just wondering if there was anyway someone could make a Visas Marr Model. I played Kotor2 and she is by far one of my favorite characters. I've looked high and low and couldn't find a model or even a skin for her anywhere! She's definitely one of my favorite characters in the game! Her and her race, Miraluka, amaze me! I think it would be marvelous if someone would be as so kind to refer me to a model or skin of her or make one for me. Or even a model of a Miraluka! (except that annoying one from dark forces II, if anyone remembers him, haha)

I would be greatly appreciated if someone did this for me. You will never be forgotten in my book! (if that means anything to you.) Thank you so much for even glancing at this thread.