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15th May 2004

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#71 10 years ago

What else do you need modeled? I knew about the chairs, but seems like you found a way around that one. Anything else?



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10th May 2009

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#72 10 years ago

AngelMapper1987;5278696Yea My graphics card is not the greatest ill tell u that mutch so antialiasing is not gonna happen any time soon .

Rugs just needed turned around, the holes at the bottom of the staircase just hasnt been filled in yet im aware of them its on all 4 levels LOL. the textures overall are not the highest quality, but Im no PS expert and no one has volunteered to assist with hi resing them. I would figure it out myself but honestly Im crunched on the deadline and I cant even get every thing I need modeled made so who knows what the finished product will be like.

why dont you ask someone to take the screenshots for you ? if you care about the look of them or edit the screenshots to get antialiasing ? (harder way)

and about the models..... maybe I could take up some of them but ... not atm I'm to busy =/