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#1 13 years ago

From what i read there are multiple forms in saber forms, i heard around 5.

Well, as i was playing the jedi movie duel mod, i notice that anakin had a different saber form. it appears to be the saber staff form with only one side of the saber. it also had a different kata then the strong, fast, or medium. however, i cant give you screen shots because the movie duels was glitchy and i reinstalled. after that though, it return back to original styles and forms. what i notice different is that a slash was actually a thrust, and the way he slashs while moving comes from the left. I like this style, but i cannot find the style again.

With much luck, i found a yoda mod which somewhat demonstrates a different style/form but not the same as anakin, i was hoping if someone could help me find these styles. the closest i found is the combat evolution mod, but it still doesnt imitate the one style i saw.

Here are some pictures of the yoda style, he would fit perfect but he doesnt thrust as the slash, which i want :D


Kata, where he actually jumps rather then the normal one

Note, the style goes from blue yellow red yellow blue the 2nd yellow style is the style you see (jumps demonstrating the different kata)

Another difference i notice is that when i play as obi wan or anakin, the character back slash is actually a two part move rather then the normal back slash. the character anakin slashes back, then turns around and slashs again, obi wan, turns around stands and slash. Are there any mod for these combat moves

on to my last question is that, when you cheat, there is a glitch that causes the saber to be stuck on fast style, however, i just used a custom model (roxas)that you start out with. so there is no cheat activated, but when i play with allies (rosh or kyle) the screen automatically ends after a while because it says i betrayed my allies. i do not attack them however, but i notice even with my saber turn off, the character still say "stop that jaden" as if im attackin them, is there any way to prevent this?