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#1 10 years ago

I'm making a saber, its all ready to go in game. I got the .MD3 turned into a .glm with the .SKIN in it. But its not showing up in the saberlist in the menu... This is the code in the .SAB file, I don't see how it shouldn't work. Its viewable in ModView, with the tags *blade1 and *parent. *************** saber_waraxe { name "Crystalforged War Axe" saberType SABER_SINGLE saberModel "models/weapons2/crystalforged_war_axe/saber_w.glm" soundOn "sound/weapons/sword/draw1.mp3" soundLoop none soundOff none saberLength 38 maxChain -1 throwable 0 onInWater 1 noblade 1 trailStyle 1 noDlight 1 readyAnim BOTH_STAND9

spinsound "sound/weapons/sword/spin.mp3" swingSound1 "sound/weapons/sword/swing1.mp3" swingSound2 "sound/weapons/sword/swing2.mp3" swingSound3 "sound/weapons/sword/swing3.mp3" fallSound1 "sound/weapons/sword/fall1.mp3" fallSound2 "sound/weapons/sword/fall2.mp3" fallSound3 "sound/weapons/sword/fall3.mp3" hitSound1 "sound/weapons/sword/stab1.mp3" hitSound2 "sound/weapons/sword/stab2.mp3" hitSound3 "sound/weapons/sword/stab3.mp3" } ******************* Anybody see whats wrong with it?


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#2 10 years ago

change the first line of your sab file which is "saber_waraxe" to the folder name for your weapon, which in this case is "crystalforged_war_axe". Should work then :beer:


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#3 10 years ago

Also another thing I see, somtimes the model doesn't work when you put SoundLoop NONE sometimes it's picky and you have to put SoundLoop sound/weaponds/sword/null.mp3 same with the off sound to.