Savage Oppress Lightsaber Sounds -1 reply

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Illidan Kazama

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12th February 2010

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#1 7 years ago

I heard that Savage had a unique lightsaber sound which sounds a bit like a roaring animal. So if someone could do the soundset that would be awesome.



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10th May 2009

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#2 7 years ago

okay dude here'S how you do it : first you need 2 programs DVD Videosoft free Youtube to Mp3 converter Audacity

now how to do it : 1. find a scene of the clonewars "cartoon" on youtube that features savage Opress using his saber 2. download the video as mp3 file suing the DVD videosoft tool 3. extract the saber sound from the Mp3 in audacity and copy it 4. open one of JKA's saber sounds and paste the copied savag eopress saber sound as a new track in the sound file , then delete the audio track with the default JKA saber sound and save to desktop 5.put your new sonud in the correc tfolder hierarchy and create a pk3 6. put that one in base and test , it should work now if not reply here


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18th September 2005

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#3 7 years ago

Alternatively, do what Split/Second developers did. Being a racing game, they wanted cars that sounded awesome. They got real engine noises and with a dash of subtlety, overlaid them with the sound of a lion. Roaring. Pretty damn epic. You could probably use Audacity, Base JA lightsaber sounds and the MGM logo to do this.