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#1 13 years ago

I need some help with shaders. I'm trying to port over Nar Shaddaa Streets from JKII (just submitted it a few days ago) But i just found a bug today. The shader "skies.shader" in the "narshadda.pk3" is conflicting with the "skies.shader" in "assets0.pk3". I've narrowed it down that Nar Shaddaa Streets is using "textures/skies/stars" where the Imperial Drop Zone level is using "textures/skies/space". If I leave the skies.shader in narshadda.pk3, Nar Shaddaa Streets has sky, but Drop Zone doesn't. If i take it out, Drop Zone has sky, but Streets doesn't. I don't see any way around this. Can someone help?


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#2 13 years ago

hmm can't you just change the name of the shader?