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#1 8 years ago

Hey guys, I have finished learning the basic elements of game design and am ready to begin developing my first game mod. Shadows of the Empire has always been my favorite story from the expanded universe. I would like to take the 1996 game of the same title and comliment it with the engine of JKA. Naturally, sophisticated graphics and refined fps controls will make for a much more enjoyable gaming experience. My only issue is direction for my project. Should I create and exact replica or only add elements from the original? I feel the level design of the original was relatively bland, but I'm worried that if I change the game I will ruin the nostalgia.


I didn't make it!

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#2 8 years ago

Here are some pictures of my first model:



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#3 8 years ago

There's already a 'Shadows of the Empire' Mod



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#4 8 years ago
DT24;5391579There's already a 'Shadows of the Empire' Mod

...And the last update for that mod was almost three years ago... Looks dead to me.

[EDIT]Oh wait, on the forums there was an update... Over a year ago. Still looks dead though!

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