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22nd September 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Here are some singleplayer skins that would be cool because, well, lets be honest, the singleplayer skins in JKA got old a loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg time ago. I did download the SilverDragon skin from and it rocks but im looking for a bigger choice in alien singleplayer skins. Requested skins from me Jaffa soldier (Stargate SG-1) Wraith (Stargate Atlantis) Kull Warrior (Stargate SG-1) Asgard (Stargate SG-1) Predator (Alien Vs Predator) Alien (Alien Vs Predator) Kryton (Red Dwarf) Cyberman (Doctor Who) Dark Helmet (Spaceballs) T-850 (Terminator 2 - Judgement Day) There not for any bizzare mod, just random requests. Thanks for your time.