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27th December 2002

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I have noticed lately a few differences in style that have me naturally wondering "why". I am a rather self-evaluating type, and thus after careful deliberations to see my way through a problem, I find the modding community has done something COMPLETELY different with just as effective results.

Point and case: Models vs. Skins (primarily in SP)

Now, basically, i have been working on a rather complex single player mod for some time, and have added a lot of frivolous but "nifty" looking things to it, involving said skins and models. This being the case, I liked having robes remove and come back on, and oh yea...the shadowtrooper from JO a cloak would be awesome. Well, i've done my research learned enough about it, and created the shader necessary for my cloaked shadowtrooper. (as well as other models this is just one I know people will recognize for discussion)

I do my work and everything is fine my end result is PER MODEL my pack contains the following:

-If Not A RAVEN default model: models/players/modelname model.glm texture1.jpg texture2.jpg texture3.jpg icon_default.jpg For raven default models, I do not need to include this in my PK3

And then I compile my own little converstion: models/players/jedi_sht //for my shadowtrooper example model.glm icon_torso_a1.jpg icon_head_a1.jpg icon_lower_a1.jpg playerchoice.txt

Now, as you can see, I don't include the textures there, I just reference the already included ones for the MP model.

Now for the tricky question:

For the Shadow trooper, one must have TWO states for the "cloak" manuever in game. however, EVERYWHERE i have looked, people do this:

1. create NPC

in game exec "Playermodel npcname"

Why? Why even use NPCs which can sometimes cause allies to attack (or maybe I just got poorly coded ones). And besides it doesn't last across savegames or other such amenities, so for SP to play as a specific model, NPCs don't seem to make sense to me.

2. Duplicate the Model exactly.

Having two versions of the same model, where one is coded as the "cloaking" model. Then ingame one must execute a "model model1name" and a "model model2name" (of course it is actually different commands but you get the gist)

This again, I am confused. Not only is this a vast waste of space, to include ANY file more than ONCE in a pk3 unless abolutely necessary. (like the model.glm and icon_*.jpg files) But also the same (for multiplayer at least) can be achieved with a simple "skin" switch, and thus the model itself doesn't have to be reloaded.

As i was noticing this I was beginning to wonder the differences in techniques, and was looking for anyone's thoughts on the topic. What exactly is the purpose behind using the NPC method, or the Model switch method? Is there some benefit I haven't seen yet? (understanding, of course, i am not talking of the NPCs benefits other than controlling the player model in SP)

Anyway, just rambling. Thanks for the time.


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