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20th February 2007

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#1 10 years ago

Im currently reskinning some of the HM jedi cloths and when it comes to the one with the ''cape'' there is a certain design i want to make it. i want to split down the middle so u dont get that ugly stiffness in the middle, i know tobe has done it with his Dracula skin but when ever i reskin the cape in photoshop, i erase the parts i dont want so it has nothing behind it (the transparency squares are visible) and i save it as a .PNG, but heres the problem, when i go ingame and choose that piece of clothing the parts that should be transparent are just white. when i save the .PNG it says ''nothing'' and ''interlaced'' i save it as nothing. so is there anything i am doing wrong or is there something else i need to do??

any help is appreciated.

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29th March 2006

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#2 10 years ago

You need to set up the shader to use alpha mapping. Take a look at the shaders of models that use alpha mapping and swipe it.


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18th March 2005

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#3 10 years ago

you need to get the alpha .png plugin for photoshop then you can use view and create alpha channels in the PNG

backup your old .png extension plugin and put this one in ur photoshop/plugins/file formats directory

if your confused open up like the tint_Trandoshan_torso png in the trandoshan playermodels folder and see how its done in that. (For the amcolor effect)

recently i just made a skin that u can change its color entirely with amcolor, its pretty cool. (For that you need to copy the shader in players.shader that mentions the "tint") (as jose said, i think)