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27th December 2002

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In the Model, models/players/jedi_tf, the Twi'lek Female, there are already several default skins, for different model configurations. As anyone who has played with it, knows there are like 7 different variations built into the same GLM file, for torso_a, torso_b, etc. I had originally created several skins, for the Keldor Male, Human Male, Zabrak Female, and Twi'lek Female, to represent a more Sith like nature, called creatively enough my SithSkins mod. Here's the thing though, I am not a skinner, or a modeler, i'm a coder, so working with images is tedious and difficult at best. So, I kinda cheated.

I took the image: models/players/jedi_tf/hips_02.jpg

and copied it, then opened it in my editor to change the color combinations, and affect the black areas to be blacker, and the gold trim to be silver. Making it look overall more menacing. I made key however NOT to affect the SKIN area where her leg would be. Then I resaved the file. I did this process to all of the individual skin files for the models I wanted to create. For the Twi'lek I'm using Hips_02, Right_hand_04 & cuffs, torso_06, the silver lower leg from one of the other variations. In the end I've combined 3 or 4 of the variations built into the model, and reskinned them together to create a quite beautiful looking Sith Twi'lek. (and similarly for the other models mentioned too).

Proceeding as naturally, I copied the original shader information for these images, and mimicked them in my own shader file, renaming image names as appropriate, so that when in the game, the metallic chrome parts shine, and glow, her eyes pulse, and her skin changes color. I tried, and tested, and played with alpha channels etc, until on glorious moment, when in the single player character creation all of my skins worked exactly as they should.

I left it there, thinking my job was done. I was wrong. Recently, when I realized that much of my stuff, saber modifications, model additions, and other scripted enhancements would quite avidly work within the multiplayer environment, the only difference between that and SP would be my scripted force controls ie: gameplay adjustment for SP. So, i loaded up the multiplayer and went to town, testing my models and sabers, and what not...when suddenly i realized, that these models I created skins for weren't working.

The custom model/skin selection within multiplayer reached the models I had modified (twi'lek, kel dor, etc) and suddenly every shader area became transparent. The Skin for her legs, arms and head either stopped changing color, or became invisible. The bands of cloth that were supposed to change color on the Zabrack also became invisible. Ever aspect of my modified skin image files affected by shaders, no longer worked. Granted I am not a skinner, or image magician at all, so I have no clue what could cause this, but I'm curious as to why in SP everything worked, and suddenly in the MP, it didn't. This even extended to the icons used in the selection list boxes, some were incorrect, some were invisible.

Any Ideas?

Thanks Jaeden "Sifo Dyas" al'Raec Ruiner


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22nd October 2004

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#2 14 years ago

this is a simler problem that i am having at the moment i dont have a clue how to slove it sorry