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#11 12 years ago
yodaman123;4566409Sounds are activate by many things like getting hurt, jumping, landing, taunting, getting pushed, choking, etc. Here are some that I know of:
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taunt (1,2,3,4 etc) pain100 pain75 pain50 pain25 jump1 land1 falling anger1 (2,3,4, etc) victory1 (2,3,4, etc) death1 (2 and 3 only) gloat1 (2,3,4)
Those are a few that I know of. You have to name that mp3 file one of those. So if you have an mp3 that says "die!" and you name it "taunt.mp3", when ever you taunt people thats what they'll say.

To add to this one:

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anger1 anger2 anger3 choke1 choke2 choke3 combat1 combat2 combat3 death death1 death2 death3 death4 deflect1 deflect2 deflect3 drown falling1 glurp1 glurp2 jump1 land1 pain100 pain25 pain50 pain75 pushed1 pushed2 pushed3 pushfail taunt taunt1 taunt2 taunt3 << No need for anymore than this victory1 victory2 victory3

Of course not all of these are needed but when I make a skin and add sounds I like to be exact.

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