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9th July 2009

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#1 11 years ago

If this opening makes no sense... Well, it's because it WAS part of -another- post, so here. Please read and reply. And no, it's NOT a request, but an idea for a team effort. I'll do whatever possible by writing the story, and script. That's a whole lot. Remainder itself. Remainder - Imperial Assault 2: Rise of the Empire Onto the cut reply... ________________________________________________________________________ I'm trying to get this character made, CONSTANTLY. Every request I've ever posted has gone to the scrap pile, and it's so hard to describe who he is. His armor is relatively simple, though. The mandalorian helmet, which is my avatar, and the special visor it has. The phase II clone armor, with a double pauldron. As seen on bly, but with one for each shoulder. A black kama, with no odd things on it. Just a kama. The Kama is that skirt thing. Also, with no holsters. Markings similar to Haplash's improved stromtrooper, and The Triad symbol on the left side of his upper chest. He's also not a clone commander. A commander, yes. Commander Jaxun, of the 32nd fleet of the republic. With his ship, The Saber. I'll post a pic right... NOW. label4-1.jpg Yeah. I made that on MS-paint. Uh-huh. Pretty badass, right? I've worked on Remainder SO hard! I'd love to start a JKA project with these characters, and give people a new SP campaign, and a bit more of a BADASS MP experience. No really new weapons, aside from the pistol getting a real scope, but you know. Basic stuff. It's a promising idea, that would keep JKA alive even longer! Until the next Dark Forces game, if they EVER make one again. There are many people I'd love to get working on this. Sith-J, for his amazing maps. Almighty_Who for is outstanding models, but I don't know who textures too well. Miloguy is great at making vehicles, and there's just quite a few that could be interested in such a promising idea. There's so much that could be done. Remainder is my baby. No doubt. I just want to at least give people models and stuff they can play with in base JKA... At least THAT much. That'd certainly be enough for me, and if they want more... Well, then things could be planned. I wanna bring a decent star wars story to the fans. something everybody can enjoy. That is all. Personally, I want to enjoy it myself as well, but I would never want to keep this all to myself. I've pumped out the chapters in the early stages of remainder right onto a reply screen, just to give people a story to read, and give them something that really sparks up their imagination. Only one chapter of Remainder has pics for the story that I promised, but could not deliver for various reasons... One, because I could no longer use the main computer that actually HAD EAW, and could run the damned game... But I needed something for the characters on land. Which sparked my interest in re-purchasing JKA. But the idea has become more. Would somebody help? ________________________________________________________________________ So, would somebody be interested in assisting with this? If nothing else, JUST skins for JKA, and a couple of sabers here and there. If nothing else.