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#1 7 years ago

Hey guys,

I recently submitted a file to - It was rejected, but I was never sent an e-mail with an explanation. I'm fairly sure I know why it was rejected (I didn't give credit to everyone who's content I used in my readme -though all content did have a note from their respective authors saying that the use of their content was okay so long as they were credited.)

Really I'd just like to get an e-mail explaining why my file was rejected so I know for sure. A lot of players in JKA already have and use the file, so I was so sure the team would have approved it due to its popularity.

If the team's reading this, just e-mail me at: [email][/email] - Thanks! :cool:



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#2 7 years ago

Things may have changed since I last worked for the site, but... When I was there, files were not accepted due to their popularity if there was something wrong with them, such as ported content or no credit given to original authors...

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#3 7 years ago

Hey Ryojin,

Gotcha! I most certainly didn't include thanks to all of the original authors in my maps readme. Without an e-mail I can't know if that's why it was rejected, but that would certainly be a very good reason.

Unfortunately I've long since deleted JKA (and the origonal content) from my HDD, so there's no way for me to credit those that deserve it. Thanks for the quick reply Ryojin - I'm going to go into a corner and cry myself to sleep now that I know I won't ever see Ord Mantell Rp on JK2Files. :(

Thanks for the quick response sir. Cheers!