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#11 8 years ago

But they way they work is by re-drawing an area of the map, so in a complex area it can have a drastic effect on framerate.


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#12 8 years ago

Very good map. That wrist-guard lightsaber or whatever it's called should be an overkill, though. Razor, Cairn Detention? WTF? There is no Cairn Detention in JK2. Cairn had four levels: Bay, Assembly, Reactor, and Dock 1. Cairn Bay looks like this map. The Doomgiver came after Cairn and it had three levels: Doomgiver Communications, Doomgiver Detention, and Doomgiver Shields. Regardless of this mistake, both Cairn Bay and Doom Detention look like this map.


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#13 8 years ago

Ugh, you're right. Jan being held captive got me thinking 'detention'.


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#14 8 years ago
Darth Bothersome;5480169Why do you have to fake the reflections?[/QUOTE] To prove that males can fake it too. :D [QUOTE=Raz0r;5480195]Ugh, you're right. Jan being held captive got me thinking 'detention'.

Oh. So that's the kind of thoughts you have about Jan, hmm? Detention cell, being held captive, etc. :naughty:

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Oh crap. I'm spamming again. =p

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