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#1 13 years ago

I've been using the Jedi Knight website on Filefront for the longest time and reading the forums, mostly this forum. After I downloaded GTK Radiant I been on and off these forums. If it wer'nt for everyone here I would of never been able to complete my map or even start it. I think there is some insanely good mappers out there (Sith J Cull for one winkx.gif ). and thanks to all the people asking questions I been able to find almost everything I needed answered in a matter of minutes with the Search Feature. I'm not all that good yet at mapping but I certainly enjoy trying to recreate famous Star Wars scenes into playable maps. At the moment I'm trying to make a Star Destroyer Bridge for a dueling/power duel map. Seeing as it will be my second map, it wont be all that great so don't get your hopes up :) Keep it up and Thanks again! :)