The JKFiles August/September Mapping Contest Ends Today October 14th! -1 reply

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#1 8 years ago

Well our latest mapping contest; 'Planets of Our Solar System' has now ended! If you have a contest entry please be sure to submit it within the next couple of days at the most. Please also make sure you put [CONTEST] before your maps name otherwise we will assume it is an ordinary map submission! I am still not sure how many people decided to take part in the contest, but i am hoping to see a few maps. I myself had a map under consruction for the contest, but alas i did not start it early enough and a holiday abroad and other things got in the way of its completion as well, i hope others had better luck in getting theirs completed! Dont forget, please get your maps submitted by the end of this weekend at the latest! ;) Nozyspy JKFiles Manager