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8th September 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Hi, I'm {SITH}Darth Tyranus[SL], leader of the {SITH} clan and director of a new matrix based series of jka movies entitled, The {SITH} Matrix. Some of you have seen part 1 of this series on jk3files. It is an ambitious project, probably spanning about 9 movies. I have used the resources within my clan (skinners) to make the series better. These awesome skins will be released after the last movie. However, I am looking for some modellers and/or mappers to help with the project. Full credit will be given in the readme of the movie your map/model is used in as well as in the credits (and look at it this way...good advertisement for your map/model..hehe and Im sure it would be a big hit among matrix fans).

The mapping and modelling projects we have in mind range from very simple to very complicated (you can choose what you would like to do). Some of these include:

-Nightstick for the swat -Real world matrix lightning gun -Sentinel -Those mech thingys from Revolutions -Nebuchadnezzar (as a vehicle) -inside of Nebuchadnezzar map -Freeway map -Real world map

If there is anyone interested please email me at [email][/email] (its also my msn name). Please help us make this series even better :D. We need you.

Anything done for us, no matter how simple, would be equally appreciated.

Thx very much :) ,

{SITH}Darth Tyranus[SL]