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7th June 2007

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#11 10 years ago
Follower of Kane;4912908He's asking if he can download it without JKA on his computer :rofl:

Ye. Pretty sure I heard of some Quake 3 based mods that where allowed to be stand alone.

ID > Lucasarts?



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4th December 2008

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#12 10 years ago


kitty dances for rep!

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4th September 2004

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#13 10 years ago

JKA is like all over ebay for like under $10, go buy it.



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8th October 2005

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#14 10 years ago
luffytubby;4912224So many games now are going free, and you can't really buy jedi academy in stores anymore, so why wouldn't they want the expousure?

Ask them directly. I can almost guarantee you their answer will be a direct "no". If they really didn't care, they would have open-sourced the EXE files - and they haven't. They haven't even open sourced JO yet - it's just not happening.

I imagine just about every mod for JA has considered some way of distributing the game for free, but the fact is, it's not going to happen, especially on FileFront.

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3rd June 2006

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#15 9 years ago

You know, it's a shame this thread died. I would actually start playing itagain, if a TOR mod were available. And not even so much the "MMO" aspect of it, but rather, the models, items, players, and maybe even planets.

Would, at the very least, give us something new to explore in the game.


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25th February 2010

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#16 9 years ago

sure this thread died, but JKG is still heavily under work, with new graphics people thought were impossible in JA

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