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4th February 2004

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#1 16 years ago

[color=royalblue]The first part of this request is for character models, I've yet to see a good Darth Vader made for JKA, I've got one for JK2 *but* doesn't look dead on, normally I'd find a way to fix this and simply use it for big deal, same with the skeleton structure for dual wielding lightsabers, but I don't have the required program to do such. The next part of this request is a saber request, I've downloaded Vader's, Dooku's, Maul's, and Anakin's sabers from VanDamme's pack, unfortunately I can only get Vader's Dooku's and Maul's to work, I'd really like Anakin's saber to work, and I'd like for them to be in JK3 format, added to this request is Anakin's/Luke's lightsaber from ANH, I dual weild alot on my network using the wonderful JK3 Anakin skin and while I've no problems using Vader's sabers, I'd like to have Anakin's saber. Also, I'd appreciate it if these sabers were able to be used in both Single Player as well as Multiplayer, it's just killer in my opinion to be able to use the sabers from the films in game. Thanks for the time taken to read this, and I truly hope someone takes up this request. (by the it possible to simply convert sabers? If so that'd make someone's efforts a little easier)[/color]