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Tyber Zann

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24th February 2007

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#21 12 years ago

oh btw.. that skin needs a bit of detail at legs and jacket and the model needs a bigger neck like he got in the picture i posted beafore. and a head lol


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15th October 2006

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#22 12 years ago
Inyri Forge;3624017Were you going to tell IB you were mutilating his model? Most people expect their models to get reskinned. Most people do not expect their models to be decapitated.

1. I was going to give IB credit. 2. File is deleted now no one downloaded it. 3. I never mutilated it I just was seeing what I could do and that was last year when I was toying around with how to do things in ModView. 4. Sorry for that Forge and Infinity Blade. 5. Could someone delete the picture?