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#1 12 years ago

hi and hello at all ;)

did someone please make an Volt Krueger Model in teenager-style (like Riku, Roxas from Kingdom hearts)??

if yes i got to thank this person more than a lot because i ask so much people and all said "no" :(

so that u know what i mean a few pics of Volt: bnc-volt2.jpg bnc-volt3.jpg volt_23.gif

hope that the pics will help you ;)

and just one thing left, could u please make the model without the horns (i hate them :D)

and if u have time left than it would be great if u can make a model of the "normal" riku in the same style :D

here some pics of him: kh-riku.jpg W_I_P__Riku_XD_by_SaiFongJunFan.jpg Trust_me______Kingdom_Hearts_by_Noi.jpg

i thank the person who will make the tho models for JK3 yet for the work

With respect Ragu;)


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24th November 2006

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#2 12 years ago

that old riku request is so old. there have been so many posts on that i could write a novel.

'old' and 'old' ha. i get it.