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#1 13 years ago

I'm looking for something like this http://www.mahq.net/MECHA/GUNDAM/seed-destiny/lineart/zgmf-x42s-mmi-714.jpg The first two on the top are shots of the sword undeployed and the bottom one is a fully deployed version, there's supposed to be a laser edge fitted on the fully deployed version which looks something like this http://image2.gundamshop.co.kr/goods_IMG/Sub1/1_0956_M.gif It doesn't have to be red, the laser part is where the optional saber colors are. If you can, please make a stance/animation to go with it, something like holstering the undeployed version slanted on the players back when the saber is not in use, and when the player is going to use it, he reaches over his back to grab it, something like that. Thanks =)