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8th July 2006

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#1 13 years ago

There are not many people out there who use any XSI software. Almost everybody uses 3DS Max, and a few people use Milkshape. I am somebody who wants to get a good modelling sofware legally for free. And that is the XSI Mod Tool. I'm so surprised however, to find so few people who use it. And there are very few who use the full pricey version of XSI too. And of course, with so few people using XSI, there are very few XSI tutorials. And the ones I've found have really sucked. There are NONE in the master sticky, but that's understandable, because nobody has made any plugins or tutorials that somehow connect XSI and Jedi Knights. So, this is coming to a point. Is there anybody out there who uses XSI software that can help me with it? If you do, I'll be forever grateful of your help and you will be mentioned every time I make something in XSI. The tutorials are useless - don't direct me to any unless they are specifically about Jedi Academy and the XSI Mod Tool.