Where do u find the targas and jpegs(to edit a Mod) -1 reply

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21st April 2007

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#1 12 years ago

I was following insturctions of modview tutorial in jedi knight files.com

I did every thing right (so I hope)till step 5 where it just says To edit luke

edit his textures files (targas and jpegs) any way u want.

what does that mean. for starter i'd like to know where to find his texture files.


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31st August 2006

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#2 12 years ago

His texture files are in models/players/Luke/

In that folder, you want to open up the .skin file (most likely the default one) In it, it will say things like hips,models/players/luke/boots_hips.tga

The .tga is a targa file. The .jpg is the JPEG file. If you wish to modifly portions of the skin, make a new folder, copy everything from this folder to the new one, then edit the .tga files and .jpg files to create a re-skin. I am sure the tutorial will go even more into depth than this, but that is the basics. Enjoy.