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#1 6 years ago

Intended For: Single Player Basic Idea: Make single player saber fighting feel a bit more fun and balanced, without completely changing it.

Current Features: - Saber lengths increased slightly (all saber types) - Slightly better auto-block responsiveness - Small buff to single saber defense (vs. duals and staff) - Cartwheels, saber twirls, and lunge removed from player (NPCs still use them) - Staff gets hilt bash, singles and duals a front kick - Manual block in the controls menu - g_sabermovespeed set to .75 - Slight buff to medium style - Medium style flip attack fixed

Still at work features: - Guarding animation for walking backwards (single and duals), it's a bit buggy - Giving kicks to single and duals in a less awkward fashion

My notes: So I tried to make autoblocking a tad more responsive. The only thing I could do was give all sabers "alwaysblock," which seems to make autoblocking a tad easier. I gave each single saber a meager parry bonus of 1, just so they're not so easily overpowered by staff and duals. I edited the menus to use different saber hilts for duals and single to reflect this. I removed cart wheels and the saber twirls because I thought they were too cheap. I gave staff a hilt bash instead of the twirl. It's nothin special, but its fun, it's a quick little move that does a bit of damage.

Ideally I'd just want to make them cost force points or something, but that's the best I can do for now. I also fixed the medium style flip attack. Sometimes you'd randomly do this weird move instead where you'd sorta shake your saber mid air rather than slashing.

I made you slow down a bit while swinging your saber, just to give you some sorta penalty for swinging wildly, and also to help make it easier to stay in control of the character and to land your slashes deftly. I buffed medium style a bit in the blaster deflection department mainly. I just felt it seemed lackluster compared to duals and staff in that department. I didn't want fast style to be the only single style with decent blaster deflection.


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#2 6 years ago

Hey could anyone help me with something?

I'm trying to give certain sabers a jumpAtkUp move in their .sab files. According to the helper files raven gives you, the jumpAtkUp move should be activated by pressing Jump+Attack.

However I've had no luck getting this move to work with either single or dual sabers. I'm guessing this is because by default they have no attack used by that button combo. But I feel like there should be a way to make it work somehow. Thanks for any help.


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#3 6 years ago

Isn't that forward+attack+jump?


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#4 6 years ago

^Nah, thats actually jumpAtkForward I think. The jumpatkup thing is just jump+attack.

I've noticed this problem in the past. For a special move to work, the style needs to have it (usually), like just because I give a saber a lunge attack it'll only work in fast style, as opposed to medium or strong.

I feel like it should work though without having to edit the game code. :(