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3rd February 2006

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#81 10 years ago

Well is it possible to make the extra variations like a19, a20 and such not show up in the menu, but were one has to use the console instead? If that works I would say make the capeless torsos not show up in menu but make them console only enabled. Just choose the variations you wish to be console only and put them in the readme. There is no way to make everybody happy so just choose your least favorite.

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29th March 2006

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#82 10 years ago

I don't know, man. I don't know. Although, at some point, I will know. As for the when... who knows?

Enough knowing for now. Ran into a bit of a snag. Max went and screwed up my rigged save and along with it went all the model modifications I'd done since I started rigging it. Oh well, least now I can tweak the model's rig to use the scale armor from the very start. Although rigging that is going to be a bastard... Dammit, how do I always get myself into these situations?


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4th March 2006

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#83 10 years ago

looking good so far


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#84 10 years ago

Aww, you lost your model? Heh, that's why I save about 20 backups of the model, all with different names. I just have had bad experiences with losing work. Kotor 2 was so instable, I had 5 gb of saved games by the time the game was over... Anyways, I hope you get things working with minimal frustration.