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16th October 2006

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#61 12 years ago

Yes, I'm pretty much working on PN in between mapping/effects-ing (effects-ing?) for CW. By the way, I like the signature, Blue...

Edit: Oh, and I know that KotOR is Star Wars, I was talking about the other franchises that MAverck has been mentioning.


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#62 12 years ago

Any updates???


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25th March 2008

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#63 12 years ago

Just trying to help you think of music to use. But I understand what you mean. I'll work on getting your soundtrack.


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5th July 2006

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#64 12 years ago
Silent_Blade;4496099Any updates???

The mod team is not large, so there probably won't be updates every 2 days or so, just be patient.