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16th September 2005

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#1 11 years ago

Hello there to everyone, eh I was tryng this new model wich is supposed to be full customizable (with diferent meshes as for clothess etc...) and it's gotten a pretty big amount of work, so I took one of the variations to try out an see if it'd looked any good in game.

So, deleted the other meshes (left only one clothess option), and did the basics (hierarchy, caps weighting), when it was about to be exported to xsi, it pretty much loaded full (100%) but instead of a "ok message", gave me this error message (application will now close etc...), just to test it out, I went back to the full model, without caps, weighting and all, and applyed a reset xform on everything and converted everything to polys, and tryed exporting to xsi, same problem. went on spyko's error message guide but nothing about it there.

when this hapened on a previows model I gave up the actual mesh and retook the whole thing a few steps earlier, but that's not an option now as there are no saves before the xsi exporting problem and it already has around 4 mesh variations as for clothess...

any help? <:D I really would like to finish this one (it's special to me ;3 )

3ds max 7 xsi exporting plugglin for max 6