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1st January 2011

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#181 9 years ago

I downloaded it. It seems that a line of the .npc is wrong. Instead of being "Darth Revan" the first line, it should be "Revan". I tried to spawn it with the line "Darth Revan", and it didn't work, changing it to "revan" was enough to make the playermodel and npc spawn work.


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8th November 2005

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#182 9 years ago
GlitchMasterShmit;5458121try playermodel revan (whatever the name of the pk3 file is, that usually works)

Of course to be more thorough, you can open the pk3 with pakscape and go to models/players/ and see what the folder name for the model is. OR just open the NPC file in the NPC folder.

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