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#1 15 years ago

Hiyo all.

I have some small problem with my skin (female zabrak). Well... I dont know how to edit her clothes (those png files) Im using Photoshop and when I open file (like torso_06.png) some of the areas are transparent. *_*' Im new in skinning.. Can someone help me with that?

Here you have some screens from her (I just finished her face):





Thanks for help and sorry about my poor english. T_T' ...

P.S I have one complete skin for Tavion. I send it to jk2files but its been 3months since that... I fink they rejected it. ^^'' Screenies:

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#2 15 years ago

In something That skimpy, I can see how that's possible O_o. That's awesome facepaint. I'll be sure to download this ;).

The transparencies are where The color-changer in SP and customize occur. You can color those and save as a .jpg, and it can work like a normal skin. If you keep it transparent, you can add it as a player choice in the customize area. a tutorial for doing this is in the stickies.


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#3 15 years ago

Oh. Thanks a lot. ^^


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#4 15 years ago

considdering all the markings on tavion, i am inclined to believe that you didnt paint the face tattoo by hand, you just found something you liked online, and made a brush from it.

the face is too monotonous. very brown and not much else, try using other colors. like blues for cold area's and reds for warm area's or places where there is more blood flowing under the skin.

the eyes are ok, but it would be better if they looked more round.