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#1 10 years ago

Hey guys i need help i've a big problem about JKA, one month ago i wiped my PC and i wanted to reinstall JKA yesterday.now,I installed but if i enter a server, game stops working and PC restarts.What can i do for this error? Help me PLsss... (I Haven't a Problem About The Game's System Requies)


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#2 10 years ago

Do you have the latest graphics driver installed for your graphics card?


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#3 10 years ago

i installed some new drivers before wiped pc.. maybe they lost i'll reinstall drivers .. thx

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#4 10 years ago

Highly doubt this is a game-specific issue. I also highly doubt it's because of your graphics drivers (although if you don't have any installed, it's amazing you could run JA in the first place). If a lack of graphics drivers were the problem, JA would simply not run and bitch about not being able to initialize the OpenGL subsystem, as opposed to running then forcing a reset upon joining a multiplayer game.

In my personal experience, whenever I've gotten errors like this, it's come down to either overheating or damaged RAM.

For overheating, monitor the temperature inside your case and make sure it's not getting too hot in there. Most, if not all, computers have a safety shut-off that kicks in if the case interior reaches what the BIOS considers "critical levels", to prevent damage.

If it's getting too hot in there, get some internal case fans (they don't cost a whole lot, roughly $10) and hook them up - or if you have a full-size house fan handy, take off the side of your case and have the fan next to it, turned on full blast.

If heat isn't the problem, damaged RAM is the more likely culprit. If any application hits a bad RAM sector - boom, blue screen of death. Games are far more likely to hit bad RAM sectors than anything else unless you have, like, 50 apps running, since games have insane high memory consumption compared to smaller apps like Firefox and Winamp.

To diagnose RAM damage, download Memtest, and use it to test each stick of RAM you have, individually. If you have three sticks of RAM, run Memtest three times, making sure to only have one stick of RAM installed for each test (preferably not the same one each time ;) ).

If Memtest reports back that it encountered problems with one of your RAM sticks, don't put it back in your computer; it's damaged and it needs replacing.

Look into overheating and RAM damage, and if neither of those are the problems, I'll pass you along to thefolks in the Tech Discussion forum - they'll likely be able to diagnose any other potential causes.

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#5 10 years ago

Overheating or damaged anything can cause it to reboot.