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16th September 2005

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#81 8 years ago

so... worst case scenario, the community has backup plan now! You guys are awesome ^^

I'm surprised by your effort to keep things running, again, we all know this isn't the first time this happens.

Sorry Leonidas, today you dine alone.


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#82 8 years ago
Caelum;5411102believe me the thankyou's are all greatly appreciated.

Well, if you do appreciate them, I'll post here just for that. THANK YOU! I know it's been solved and all, but I don't care. You... made a backup plan... in less than a week... and you were faster than that "boy plugging it back up". :eek:


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27th September 2006

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#83 8 years ago

Overnight, actually =p

In any case, we're keeping it as a side project and improving it for the day it is needed (Ladders, stats, news, etc). We can have it up and running within 10 minutes of the master being down =3 Quite a positive spin on such a negative event o.o


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6th November 2008

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#84 8 years ago

Just wanted to add another thank you to the guys here. Awesome work =)


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24th October 2008

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#85 8 years ago

Thanks for all the support folks, you guys are awesome ;)