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#1 14 years ago


Having a massive problem with the connection interupted message while on a server on JAMP.

Its never done this before, ever, and i've tried all the usual steps, though nothing worked.

While on a server, around every 30 seconds i get the connection interupted message with the unplugged cable logo. Everyone carries on moving, I receive all the chat messages, and the scores keep up to date. However, I cannot move - its like lagging out, but not actually lagging out, more just my pc. My game isn't laggy when not on the message, though my ping says 450 (usual of about 50-150 - using 2mb broadband connection).

I'm running on 1.01, and did have JA+ mod installed, though i have tried without both, and the problem still occurs. Drivers of grpahics card and all other harware is up to date and running ok. I've forwarded all the nessescary ports on my router, firewall was disable. Again, it made no difference.

I've scanned using Norton, and Ad-Aware for malware/viruses. No windows firewall.

I had a look round on the net, and found some other posts like this saying about 'datastream' or something...

Well, i'm stumped,

Thanks for any help in advance!

Edit: System: Windows XP services pack 2 Processor: AMD Athlon64 (overclocked) 4.8ghz Memory RAM: 4 gb Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 7950 GX2

(well over minimum requirements)



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#2 14 years ago

Do you have a cable modem? It may be a general problem, see if your antenna is plugged properly :). Or contact your net administrator. Or maybe it a server problem? Do you get this message on every server?