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#1 10 years ago


I dont know whats wrong, I keep getting an error everytime I try to connect to my server. ERROR: Invalid Game Folder

My server is hosted by Escaped Turkey, running on LugorMod U# - 2.0.3 I used to be able to connect and play on it just fine with the same version, but today something changed, I dont know what but everytime I try and connect I get that error.

I am able to connect to another Escaped Turkey LugorMod server just fine, all other servers arn't a problem just mine. and everyone else ho normaly plays on it can get on just fine. its just me.

I've tryed everything, Reinstalling, Moving it, No mod, Diff vers of Lugor. Comp Reboot, EVERYTHING!

Please, PLEASE help me!!!:bawl:


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#2 10 years ago

Just out of curiosity have you tried asking for assistance on Escaped Turkey's support forum?

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#3 10 years ago

Have you moved your JKA directory to another location? If so, it will report that it cannot locate your game/folder.

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