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6th April 2003

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#1 16 years ago

I was checking out a .sab editing tutorial.

//force power restrictions forceRestrict 0 - what force powers it restricts, use these keys, a seperate entry per power: FP_HEAL FP_LEVITATION FP_SPEED FP_PUSH FP_PULL FP_TELEPATHY FP_GRIP FP_LIGHTNING FP_SABERTHROW FP_SABER_DEFENSE FP_SABER_OFFENSE //new Jedi Academy powers FP_RAGE FP_PROTECT FP_ABSORB FP_DRAIN FP_SEE

I managed to disable most of the Force powers for a custom saber, but I can't seem to get jump to work. I tried "FP_LEVITATION", but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?