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#1 11 years ago

I have the lugormod 1.1 downloaded and it is working fine. But i'm trying to put it on a server and im having prolems placing objects and teleporters. I need someone to tell me how to do it plz. For teleporters...i can create one that works, but the second always teleports to the first teleport destination i added. One other thing i need to change is the stash image and size (a a smallish datapad) if u can help with any/all of these please respond.:confused::confused::confused:


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#2 11 years ago

First I would like to advise you to get the latest version of Lugormod, which is U#. Download it from here; Lugors :: View topic - U#-1.0.0:Pre Then if you would need any help with it, ask on the forums.