I need some maps to add to my server...Suggestions? -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

Any suggestions are welcome, if you could put the link to the map that would be appreciated.

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15th March 2005

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#2 13 years ago

www.jk3files.com Have a look for yourself.


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#3 13 years ago

1. Start with the JA Bonus Maps and Siege Star Destroyer Map from Raven Software.

2. Go to http://www.pcgamemods.com/5/ On the left side of the page are the "Staff Picks" for mods, including maps. That's a good place to start. Any "Staff Picked" map there is worth looking at.

3. Go to http://jediknight2.filefront.com/files/Jedi_Knight_III/Maps;2951 and sort each category by Downloads, Descending to see which maps are most popular. However, popular doesn't mean good, and fewer downloads doesn't mean bad. Look at the screenshots, read the reviews, and judge for yourself.

4. Go to http://www.map-review.com/index.php?page=reviews&game=JA to see maps reviewed by other mappers. They tend to judge maps based upon design and aesthetics, rather than gameplay, but there are lots of good leads there.

The problem with custom maps: most players are too lazy to download them or don't know where to find them. A player can't join your server without the map that is being used by the server. They work best in a clan situation or if you have a website with a downloads section.


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#4 13 years ago

This is what my server uses, I just copied and pasted this from a topic I made in my clans forums.


Battlegrounds Yavin CTF: JK3 Files

Country Academy: JK3 Files

Deathstar Trench 2.0: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Evolution Academy: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Far Cry of the Jedi: JK3 Files

FFA Episode I - 2004: JK3 Files | PCGamemods

Force Council HQ (v2): PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Giant's House: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Ilam CTF: PCGamemods

Indiana Jedi and The Temple of Chewbacca: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Jedi Council GCX: {O} Website

Jedi's Home: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Jurancor Park: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Kamino: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Midgar v2: PCGamemods | JK3 Files [color=limegreen]~ OMG NEW[/color]

Mustafar (Episode III): PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Naboo Hills 2.1: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Siege Star Destroyer: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Shroom's Deathstar: JK3 Files

Tatooine Scum and Wampas?: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

The Academy V2: PCGamemods

The Real Jedi Academy: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

The Sanctuary: PCGamemods [color=green]~ NEW[/color]

WoV v2: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Yavin Elite Academy: JK3 Files


BDC Racing Club 1.2: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Bloodmine Shaft (CTF): PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Boonta Eve Pod Race: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Casa De Los Parias: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Christmas In WhoVille: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Clonewars Episode 7: PCGamemods

CTF Empires: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Eternal Lair of Ragnos' Diciples: JK3 Files | PCGamemods

JKA Offical Bonus Maps: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Kierans Dueling Center: JK3 Files

Knights of the Round Table: PCGamemods

Matrix Reloaded Final (With Bonus Maps): PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Movie Academy: PCGamemods | JK3 Files

Raid 3: FFA: PCGamemods

Sarlacc Pit: PCGamemods

Twilight on Tatooine: PCGamemods

Yavin Palace: PCGamemods