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#1 14 years ago

Does anyone have the server mod JA+ 2.3Betav1. I've been looking around for 2.3Betav1 for a long time. 2.3Betav2 is very anoying in many ways and my clan and I would greatly appreciate anyone who could provide us with a copy of JA+ 2.3Betav1. If you do have JA+Betav1 and would like to contact me Please Do! MSN - [email="pwnedbypaul@hotmail.com"]pwnedbypaul@hotmail.com[/email] AOL - pwnedbypaul E-Mail [email="pwnedbypaul@hotmail.com"]pwnedbypaul@hotmail.com[/email] Or feel free to visit our site www.tnaclan.com and drop a thread there concerning this. Thank you very much :D