Jedi Academy - SP "freezed" saber problem -1 reply

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17th August 2009

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#1 9 years ago

hi there!

i'm not very experienced in modding, so i hope that someone out there can help me. difficult enough for me, but finally i somehow managed to integrate a SP MOD in jedi academy. i use one of the endless combinations of Spanky's fantastic jedi costumization kit - and in my case, it replaces the kel'dor male, so that i'm able even to use my old savegames.

looks very good! but there is one problem still: the lightsaber (staff) is "freezed"! while my jedi makes his moves, his saber staff remains in a static upright position, stuck through the jedi's body...


as long as i used the kel'dor male model.glm, the skins - of course - didn't work, but the saber did. and when i hit on that and changed the model into the right one (of the jedi costumization kit), the skins worked, and this - hopefully last - problem appeared. i'm at my wit's end. has someone got some sagacious recommendation?

thanks a lot! (and please excuse my bad english :rolleyes:)


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12th May 2008

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#2 9 years ago

Y'know, similar problems have occurred before with the same model. It's a bug within the model itself. The good news is; you're not doing anything wrong. The bad news is; there's nothing you can do about it unless you know modeling.

I'm fairly sure I heard about there being made an update for the .glm though. Guess we'll just have to sit tight and wait.