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#1 16 years ago

ok, so i have a few problems in my JK3 game.. first off.. how do you get the game to save you name, saber, etc? Im getting sick of typing in my name EVERY time.. it erases my binds too so i would have to do those over and over again.. and some people have some crazy binds so i dont think they type em in every time.. and my next problem is that i just downloaded and installed version 1.01 and now i cant join any servers that allow the use of force powers.. a box pops up that says the game is not responding and i have to end now.. can anyone help? thanks! -Justin

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#2 16 years ago

I don't know any answers except one: The host/admin of a server decides if you can use Force. When selecting a Server, you should see a symbol telling whether or not you can use them. An 'X' over the force powers for just BASE powers (Jump, push, etc) and a... circle thingy with the slash for NO Force.

My game remembers my Profile...

As for the binds, I think they are saved for a particular server...

Hopefully someone who knows will tell you...