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19th January 2004

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#1 8 years ago

Hello there,

I have been playing ForceMod 3: Return of the Sith, patched version, for quite a while. And I figured I may need a new hud, as I like playing as the Spacetrooper. Samus Aran HUD was the perfect choice, as I enjoy playing Metroid games as well. So I went here, and downloaded: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Samus_Aran_Metroid_HUD;117039

But, there were problems. I put the .pk3 file in the base folder, and played JKA normally in multiplayer. That's fine. All worked, and it looked marvelous. Later, I tried playing with ForceMod 3... and didn't work. So I did as the author suggested, putting the .pk3 in the folder of ForceMod 3. It didn't work well either - I could see the number and some digits, but all the helmet texture was not there. I tried renaming the file - but it didn't work at all.

One thing I also noticed is when I change the saber stance - it doesn't change color for the purple, gold... etc... stance. What I would wish is, if someone who might have some time, to please take a little look in this - and help me fix this problem. :) I would REALLY appriciate it. To make the whole HUD work perfectly with ForceMod 3, and having just extra colors for those extra stances.

Hope all is well with you all! Take care and best wishes. :)

PS: Since there are different HUD colors for the ForceMod 3 to choose from, perhaps different colors for the helmet visor glass could be done as well. Blue, the one it has now can be standard, then emerald green, orange, red, yellow, purple... I can do the recoloring with Photoshop, so there's no problem. It's quite simple. All I ask is whomever wishes to do this and has some time off, to put it into the pack, and make it fully working with ForceMod 3: Return of the Sith. :) :) :)