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#1 13 years ago

I wasn't exactly sure whether this would go in Modding or Errors, so I put it in here. Basically, the problem is this:

When I load a custom skin, the game crashes.

I created this new skin, using Raven's Luke Skywalker model, in Adobe Photoshop. I saved all the files in JPEG format. The pk3 was archived correctly, I believe. But when I went into multiplayer, the problems began. First, the icon didn't show up in the character selection screen. This wasn't an issue, it's happened before. I didn't think much of it. But when I got in game to the map where I was going to test the skin and typed out the model/skin name, the game crashed.

Literally all I typed was "/model marlow " Marlow being the name of the skin I created.

This has happened before, with one other skin I created. In that case the corrupted file was the torso image. When that was removed, I used quite a few layers in creating the texture. However, I made sure I hit the "Flatten Image" command to merge all the layers together into the background. The first time it happened, the issue was never resolved, and I discarded the project altogether. This time, however, I really like what I've got going, and would rather not abandon it.

So i guess my question is: What is going wrong and what, if anything, can I do to ammend the probelem?